Super 4

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Television series
German title Super 4
Original title Super 4
Country of production France , Germany
original language French
year 2014
Method Animation
Morning Studios
length approx. 11 minutes
Episodes 52+ in 2+ seasons
genre Animation
Director Cyril Adam
Arnaud Bouron
script Cyril Tysz
Guillaume Enard
Clélia Constantine
Hervé Benedetti
Nicolas Robin
production Carsten Kieckbush
Tom Kubischik
Cédric Pilot
Aton Soumache
Axel Von Maydell
Alexis Vonarb
music Ingo Frenzel
Lars Löhn
Felix Raffel
First broadcast August 1st, 2014 on France Télévisions
first broadcast
April 27, 2015 on Disney Channel

Super 4 is a French - German animated cartoon series that has been produced since 2014. The first broadcast in German-speaking countries took place on April 27, 2015 on Disney Channel . The series is based on toys from Playmobil and is aimed primarily at viewers of preschool and elementary school age .


main characters

Alex ( Prince Alexander ) comes from the medieval world Knightland ( Kingsland ). There he is supposed to become king, but felt too restricted and set out to go on adventures before succeeding his father, King Kenric, to the throne.

Ruby is a pirate. She is from Gunpowder Island , where she was raised by her stepfather Rubens. When the pirates assured her that as a girl she would never become a real pirate, she went out into the world to prove otherwise.

Gene is a scientist and an inventor. He comes from the high-tech city of Technopolis, which was invented by the enigmatic Dr. X is governed. He is the builder of the chameleon , the group's futuristic vehicle.

Twinkle ( Twinkle Starglitter ) is a young fairy from the Enchanted Island , in which all kinds of magical beings live. She's a little clumsy, especially with her wand, and had to leave her world after accidentally turning the fairy queen into a frog.


After the four main characters have left their respective home worlds, they form a team to experience different adventures. With this it is always the little alien Alien . They travel together through the various themed worlds, where they can master the tasks they face, primarily through teamwork and solidarity.


So far (as of February 2019) 52 episodes with mostly 2 stories each have been produced in 2 seasons.


The German-language dubbing of the series was done by Digital Media Technologie GmbH from Hamburg. The dialogue direction was taken over by Kerstin Draeger, who also wrote the dialogue book.

role English speaker German speaker
Alex Damien Ferrette Jannik Endemann
Genes Franck Lorrain Rasmus Borowski
Twinkle Sarah Natochenny Tanja Dohse
Ruby Veronica Taylor -
Princess Leonora Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Josephine Schmidt
Baba Carra Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Katja Brugger
Fairy queen Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Sandra Maren Schneider
Gigax the elves Colin Hausberg Christopher Groß


Super 4 is the first implementation of Playmobil toys for television. There are various figure and toy sets accompanying the series, which have the series, the four main characters and various secondary characters as their motif. In order to represent the young age of the figures, the manufacturer geobra Brandstätter introduced a new figure size. With a height of 7 centimeters, the figures in the Super 4 series are about half a centimeter smaller than the "classic" Playmobil adult figures .


The American organization Common Sense Media , which evaluates films and TV series according to educational and child-friendly aspects, accepted Super 4 positively. The “four wonderfully different characters” are praised, whose “greatest strength is that they are so different from one another”, but they master problems together through teamwork and trust. The series is also recommended for parents who used to play with Playmobil. The merchandising is of course omnipresent in Super 4 , but this doesn't detract from the fun.


The four main characters of the series appear regularly with various actions and shows in the Playmobil FunPark in Zirndorf .

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