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Sur stands for:

  • a liquid in which meat is placed before smoking, see curing
  • Sur , original title from the south - Sur , Argentinian film by Pino Solanas (1988)
  • Sur (literary magazine) , a former Argentine literary magazine
  • El Sur (film) , Spanish feature film (1991)
  • Song form and chapter from a collection of Sufi poems composed by Shah Abdul Latif in Sindh Province, Pakistan, accompanied by the tanburo lute

The following geographical objects are called Sur :

  • Sur GR , municipality in Oberhalbstein, Albula district, Canton of Graubünden
  • Sufers , municipality in the district of Hinterrhein, Canton of Graubünden (Romanesque name)
  • Sur (river) , river in Bavaria
  • Sur (Ainring) , part of the municipality of Ainring , Berchtesgadener Land district, Bavaria
  • Sur (Oman) , city in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Sur (Diyarbakır) , municipality and county in Turkey
  • Tire , city in Lebanon (Arabic Ṣūr )

SUR stands as an abbreviation for:

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