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Susanne Päch (born March 18, 1955 in Nuremberg ) is a German author, editor and media expert. Today she works as a consultant in the field of media and telecommunications.


She did her doctorate in 1980 at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich on the subject of From the Martian canals to the wonder weapon. A study of fantastic and futurological tendencies in the field of natural science and technology, presented in the popular science yearbook Das neue Universum 1880-1945 . After studying communication science and the history of the natural sciences, the publicist worked for ten years as a freelance journalist and then founded a consulting company, for which she carried out journalistic tasks for Deutsche Telekom in the 1990s . In this role she designed and managed, for example, the business customer magazine "digits" for Deutsche Telekom, she designed and ran an employee TV and was also responsible for Telekom's appearance at the Expo in Hanover. From 1998 she built up Telekom's online editorial team for the intranet and the websites of Telekom and the Telekom team on the Internet. Between 2000 and 2003 she was Chief Executive Officer for the development of the multi-access portal t-info for DeTeMedien , a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. In 2003 she started working again with her consulting company mce mediacomeurope GmbH in Grünwald near Munich as a consultant and project manager in the media sector. In this role she managed the restructuring of the t-info portal into a local search engine. Together with Adriana Radu, the former soloist of the Semper Opera in Dresden, she founded the ballet studio Adriana Radu as a financier in 2006, in which she also works as managing director. In 2007, together with the Bad Tölz Marionette Theater, she produced "Der Kristallplanet", a multimedia marionette piece from the future, written by Herbert W. Franke, which has since been performed successfully in the repertoire of the Marionette Theater. Since 2008 she has been dealing with Internet TV. At the end of 2009 she started her channel HYPERRAUM.TV, which was granted a broadcast license as a nationwide special interest broadcaster for science and technology in 2010. As the founder and owner of the station, she is responsible for the program and can also be seen in front of the camera as a presenter. In 2011 she received the ERGO Direkt Insurance Media Prize for her station.

The trained journalist has published several books that are devoted to her previous field of activity, the history of science, as well as technologies and visions of the future. She also wrote several scripts and edited science fiction anthologies .

Susanne Päch is married to the science fiction author Herbert W. Franke .


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