Suspicion (TV series)

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Television series
Original title Suspicion
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1957 - 1958
length 60 minutes
Episodes 41 in 2 seasons
genre Thriller , crime film
production Alfred Hitchcock , Joan Harrison ,
Norman Lloyd , Alan Miller
music Dave Kahn
First broadcast September 17, 1963 ( USA )

Suspicion was an American crime television series that ran from 1957 to 1958 on the American television channel NBC . Suspicion produced a total of 41 one-hour episodes. The first episode aired on September 30, 1957 , the last on September 30, 1958 .

Story and concept

In the 1950s , television was an emerging medium that began to overtake cinema. It offered producers, directors or actors new employment and income opportunities. One of the successful models of that time were so-called anthologies , series with each completed story. One of these successful series was Alfred Hitchcock Presents from 1955 , in which Alfred Hitchcock was a producer, sporadically staged episodes himself and even appeared for introductory moderations. The popularity of the series, which was broadcast on the American television network CBS , inspired the competing broadcaster NBC to also include such a series and to win Alfred Hitchcock for a collaboration.

NBC hired Hitchcock to produce Shamley Productions as well as the production company Revue Productions of Alan Miller , who should each produce 20 of the planned 40 episodes. Hitchcock acted as executive producer and his long-time employee Joan Harrison as production manager on site.

As with Alfred Hitchcock Presents , the concept consisted of telling mysterious, melodramatic and exciting stories in which normal people get into extraordinary, often threatening situations out of their everyday life. As with the model, a moderator led through the program, initially the actor Dennis O'Keefe , after his departure his colleague Walter Abel .

Only the first episode of the series, the episode Four O'Clock , was directed by Alfred Hitchcock himself, otherwise Hitchcock stayed in the background. Although Suspicion was based on a concept for success, the series ran for only one season and was discontinued after the first season due to poor audience ratings and poor ratings. One of the reasons for this was that Suspicion failed to step out of the shadow of Alfred Hitchcock Presents . In addition, television series with completed episodes had a harder time attracting a steady audience than series with ongoing action. With Alfred Hitchcock Presents it was the charismatic and popular personality Alfred Hitchcock who staged individual episodes, acted as a presenter in the individual episodes and was a fixed point of the series and was its central theme , Suspicion lacked such a figure.



The following actors appeared in individual episodes of Suspicion :


Next to Hitchcock, the most notable director who directed an episode of Suspicion was Lewis Milestone . Directors who directed several episodes of the series were John Brahm (3), Don Medford (6), James Neilson (4), Jack Smight , (2), Robert Stevens (4), Elliot Silverstein (2).


For subsequent The Eye of Truth who wrote detective novel - Author Eric Ambler screenplay.


  • David Janssen was nominated for an Emmy for his performance in the episode Heartbeat .
  • Suspicion received the Champion Award for the best mystery series of 1957.

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