Crime scene: Undercover investigation

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Undercover investigation
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 95 minutes
classification Episode 155 ( List )
First broadcast February 26, 1984 on ARD
Director Theo Mezger
script Peter Scheibler
production Reinhart Müller-Freienfels
music Jonas C. Haefeli
camera Justus Pankau
cut Hans Trollst

Covert Investigation is the 155th episode in the Tatort television series . By the South German broadcast episode was first produced on February 26, 1984 at the First Channel of ARD broadcast. For chief detective Eugen Lutz ( Werner Schumacher ) it is the 14th case. It's about the kidnapping of a young girl and blackmailing her family. The film is one of the few Tatort episodes in which nobody is killed.


The 16-year-old Silke Wilbrandt was kidnapped, the parents Günter and Ursula received a blackmail letter with which the stranger demanded DM 300,000 from the family. The family decides to leave the police out of the game, as requested, at the suggestion of Silke's half-brother Rolf, they also decide to ask Ms. Wilbrandt's aunt Charlotte Böble for the money. Mrs. Böble immediately promises to help the couple. When she goes to the bank the next day to withdraw the money, the bank director asks her about the withdrawal and can persuade her to call in the police to arrest the blackmailer. Chief Detective Lutz is entrusted with the case and visits the Wilbrandts together with Mrs. Böble. Günter Wilbrandt is upset about the police involvement, but can be persuaded by Lutz to cooperate. Assistant Nordenstedt, who represents Wagner, who is on a seminar, has an interception circuit set to the Wilbrandts' telephone line, while Lutz ponders why the Wilbrandts are being blackmailed, since Günter Wilbrandt has debts with his insurance agency. Together with the couple, Lutz waits for a sign from the kidnappers, to whom the Wilbrandts have signaled their willingness to pay in a newspaper advertisement.

They finally call and, without a word, play a tape in a phone booth with the voice of Silke, who announced that the kidnappers would be in touch again in two days, and that their parents should have the money ready. Meanwhile, Lutz learns from Charlotte Böble that she doesn't like Günter because he hardly earns any money and only supports his son Rolf from his first marriage with the little money. Lutz later learns from Silke's friend Bärbel that Silke and her half-brother had secretly gone through discos to experience something. She is sure that Silke ran away from home. Lutz seeks out Rolf, who claims to have been at work when his half-sister was kidnapped.

Shortly afterwards, the Wilbrandts received a letter stating the time and place for the money to be handed over that evening. Although Wilbrandt strictly refuses to shadow his person while the money is being handed over, Lutz lets his assistants Nordenstedt and Hartmann watch him secretly at the place where the money is handed over. The handover of the money fails, however, because a security guard confronts the officers and thus lets them open.

The next day, Lutz visits Rolf Wilbrandt. This is currently threatened by one of his creditors. Wilbrandt claims to have been playing cards with his employees at the time of the failed handover.

For the second handover of the money, Lutz and his colleagues prepare the suitcase with a hidden tracking device instead of having police officers on site, as Wilbrandt no longer wants to reveal the handover location this time. While the allegedly kidnapped Silke is having fun in a discotheque and there gets to know Klaus and Bernd, Lutz and Nordenstedt use the tracking device to follow the route from Wilbrandt to the handover point in the operations center. Meanwhile, his son Rolf is driving home and is apparently no longer a suspect. Meanwhile, Klaus and Bernd have secretly followed Silke, who loves them, to the weekend house where she is hiding. They observe how shortly afterwards their father Günter shows up at Silke's with the ransom that he has repackaged. The fictitious kidnapping was Silke's idea to cheat her aunt out of money and to eliminate her father's financial worries. Günter and Silke discuss again what Silke should say to the police after her alleged release the next day. Klaus and Bernd watch from outside how the two hide the money. Shortly afterwards, Günter Wilbrandt drives to the alleged handover location and anesthetizes himself with chloroform. While Wilbrandt is found unconscious by Nordenstedt as planned, Klaus and Bernd attack Silke in the weekend house to rob her of her money.

Wilbrandt is clueless to Lutz. He says that he was drugged by a masked man and that he cannot remember anything else. At this moment Wilbrandt receives a call from Klaus and Bernd, who inform him that they now have Silke in their power. They are now demanding part of the ransom for themselves. You try unsuccessfully to open the steel cupboard. Lutz, who overhears the phone call, arrests Wilbrandt and drives him to the weekend house. When the police arrive, Klaus and Bernd want to flee, but are arrested. While Wilbrandt is being taken into custody, Lutz drives Silke to her mother. Silke asserts that everything was her idea and that her father would pay the aunt back the money.

Audience and background

When it was first broadcast, this episode attracted 19.69 million viewers, which corresponded to a market share of 50%. The episode was shot in and around Stuttgart.


The critics of the television magazine TV Spielfilm rate this crime scene only mediocre and comment: "Routine crime game".

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