Technical inspection

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The technical check is a legally prescribed periodic check of safety-relevant system data of technical products. The implementation is the prerequisite for the operating permit .


product Set of rules in items Implementation through
Vehicle (if subject to inspection ) →  General inspection Section 29 and Annexes VIII / VIIIa of the StVZO , HU guideline, system data guideline Germany General inspection Technical test centers, officially recognized monitoring organizations, self-monitoring (inventory protection)
France Control Technique
Austria Appraisal
Switzerland Motor vehicle inspection
Spain Inspección Técnica de Vehículos
Ireland National Car Test
United Kingdom MOT test
Sweden Svensk Bilprovning AB ("bilprovningen")
Japan Shaken (main inspection)
Railway vehicle EBO Germany General inspection (railway) Railway companies
Tram vehicle BOStrab Germany General inspection (railway) Transport company
Subway vehicle BOStrab Germany General inspection (railway) Transport company
Rail vehicles from connecting railways BOA Germany General inspection (railway) differently
Aircraft JAR EU , IATA except Check (aviation) Maintenance company
FAR USA, Canada Check (aviation) Maintenance company
Nuclear power plant
ship Classification society
Sport boat
Systems requiring monitoring
Examples of
elevator systems,
pressure vessels
BetrSichV Germany Approved monitoring body

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