The Journal of Roman Studies

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The Journal of Roman Studies (abbreviation: JRS ) is an English-language specialist journal in the field of classical studies published by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies ( Roman Society for short ), based in London .

The journal publishes articles that cover the entire field of activity of the Roman Society . This includes studying the history , archeology , literature, and art history of Italy and the Roman Empire . The period from prehistory and early history of Italy to the end of the 7th century of our time is taken into account, with the focus on historical issues. But the journal also offers a publication framework for cultural and intellectual history studies.

All articles are peer reviewed before being accepted . The aim is to promote significant contributions to understanding and new approaches in the exploration of the Roman world and to initiate discussions in this regard. A lot of room is therefore given to reviews of new scientific publications. In addition, the results of archaeological surveys are conveyed. Articles that deal primarily with the archeology of Roman Britain , however, are published by the Roman Society in the journal Britannia .

The Journal of Roman Studies has been published annually since 1911. In 2010, the 100th volume was published. The month of publication of the printed version is usually November, however online versions are already available on the publisher's website later in the year. The current editor is Gregory D. Woolf of the School of Classics at the University of St Andrews . The volumes have been published by Cambridge University Press since 2010 . The ISSN for the print area is 0075-4358, for the online edition it is 1753-528X.

In addition to the journal, the Roman Society publishes the monographic series Journal of Roman Studies Monographs , so far with eleven volumes.

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