The New Zealand Herald

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The New Zealand Herald
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description New Zealand daily newspaper
language English
publishing company NZME. Publishing (New Zealand)
First edition November 13, 1863
Frequency of publication working days
Sold edition 148,700 copies
( (2014) )
Widespread edition 487,000 copies
( (2014) )
Editor-in-chief Tim Murphy
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ISSN (print)

The New Zealand Herald is the daily newspaper withthe highest circulation in New Zealand with a circulation of 148,700 copies per day (2014). The newspaper , which is published in broadsheet format , is available through the NZME. Publishing Limited owned by Australia- based APN News & Media (APN). The editorial office is based in Auckland . The circulation area of ​​the newspaper is mainly the Greater Auckland area , but is also offered and read nationwide.


The New Zealand Herald was founded in 1863 by William Chisholm Wilson. The first issue appeared on November 13 of the same year. In 1876 the New Zealand Herald merged with The Southern Cross, founded by Alfred Horton in 1843 . Both the Horton and Wilson families were involved in the paper until 1996. That year, Tony O'Reilly and his Independent News & Media bought the Horton family's stake. The current editor of the Herald , the NZME. Publishing Limited is owned, through some corporate links, by the Australian APN News & Media Limited (APN), which in turn is largely owned by Irish Independent News & Media .

On October 3, 2004, a Sunday edition of the newspaper was published for the first time, the Herald on Sunday .

Political orientation

Traditionally, the New Zealand Herald has been positioned center-right in the political spectrum . Because of his conservative views, he was nicknamed " Granny Herald " (roughly: "Old Herald") in the 1990s . However, this has changed recently, so that the New Zealand Herald now represents more left-wing positions such as the British newspapers The Independent or The Observer . Nevertheless, the newspaper cannot be assigned to any political party, as it often has opposing views on the New Zealand center-left government.


The newspaper's website was launched in 1998 under the name Herald Online and today has 1.5 million monthly visitors. It was named one of the top 12 online newspaper websites at the 2007 Webby Awards .

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