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Theodor Zlocisti (after 1920)

Theodor Zlocisti (born February 17, 1874 in Borzestowo ("Borschestowa"), Karthaus district , West Prussia; died 1943 in Haifa ) was a doctor, writer, socialist and one of the first German Zionists .


Theodor Zlocisti joined the Jewish national association Jung-Israel in Berlin in 1892 and was co-founder of the "Association of Jewish Students at the Berlin University" in 1895.

In 1900 he received his doctorate in medicine in Berlin. He was a participant in the First Zionist Congress with his wife . He was particularly interested in Eastern Judaism and the Yiddish language . In 1912 he was one of the initiators of a resolution calling on all Zionists to include emigration to Palestine in their personal life plans. Zlocisti was editor of the works of Moses Hess .

He emigrated to Palestine in 1921 and in 1937 wrote the fundamental work on Climatology and Pathology of Palestine .

Theodor Zlocisti and Ernst Lewy (1896–1963) were among the initiators of Hitachduth Olej Germania (HOG), the “Association of Immigrants from Germany” in Tel Aviv in 1932 . In the years that followed, the HOG took care of the professional shifting and job placement of German-speaking immigrants and their cultural and social welfare support.

Other works (selection)

  • On the way home. Verses of a Jew , 1903
  • About the Jewish-German language and Jewish-German literature. Impressions , Berlin 1910
  • At the gate of the evening. Songs from the way home , Berlin 1912
  • Editor of Moses Hess : Jüdische Schriften . Berlin 1905 and ders .: Socialist essays 1841-1847 . Berlin 1921
  • Moses Hess, the champion of socialism and Zionism, 1812-1875, a biography , Berlin 1920


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  1. The name in Latin letters from 1932 to 1939 was Hitachduth Olej Germania ( Hebrew הִתְאַחְדוּת עוֹלֵי גֶּרְמַנְיָה Hit'achdūt ʿŌlej Germanjah , German 'Vereinigung der Olim Deutschlands' , HOG; as in the title of Hitachduth Olej Germania's bulletin ), between 1940 and 1942 Hitachdut Olej Germania we Austria ( Hebrew הִתְאַחְדוּת עוֹלֵי גֶּרְמַנְיָה וְאוֹסְטְרִיָה Hit'achdūt ʿŌlej Germanjah we-Ōsṭrijah , German 'Association of Olim Germany and Austria' , acronym: HOGoA; see. Bulletin of Hitachdut Olej Germania we Austria ), then from 1943 to 2006 Irgun Olej Merkas Europa ( Hebrew אִרְגּוּן עוֹלֵי מֶרְכַּז אֵירוֹפָּה Irgūn ʿŌlej Merkaz Ejrōpah , German 'Organization of the Olim Central Europe' ; as in their organ: MB - weekly newspaper of Irgun Olej Merkas Europe ), since then the association has been called the Association of Israelis of Central European Origin ( Hebrew אִרְגּוּן יוֹצְאֵי מֶרְכַּז אֵירוֹפָּה Irgūn Jōtz'ej Merkaz Ejrōpah , German 'Organization of those from Central Europe' ; see. Title of the Yakinton / MB journal: Bulletin of the Association of Israelis of Central European Origin ).
  2. ^ Paul A. Aisberg: The organization of the Central European immigrants in Israel