Theodoricus (antipope)

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Theodoricus OSB (also Theodoric or Teodorico ; † 1102 in a monastery near Salerno ) was an antipope from 1100 to 1102 .


Theodoricus entered the Benedictine order and became abbot of the Santissima Trinità monastery in Cava dei Tirreni near Salerno . He can be found as the ( pseudo ) cardinal deacon of Santa Maria in Via Lata and from 1095 as the ( counter ) cardinal bishop of Albano . Due to a mistake in the Annales Romani , Theoderic is often mistakenly named as Bishop of Santa Rufina . In 1098 he headed an embassy to Germany. A diploma signed by him and some cardinals loyal to the emperor on October 18, 1099 in Tivoli for the cardinal priest Romanus of San Ciriaco nelle Terme has survived.

After the antipope Clemens III, appointed by Emperor Heinrich IV . (Wibert von Ravenna) died in the year 1100, was appointed by his followers (the Wibertists) Theoderich under his baptismal name "Theodoricus" and consecrated and enthroned in St. Peter's Church on the night of 9-10 September 1100 .

In 1101 he was forced to flee by Pope Paschal II , captured in January 1102 and transferred to Rome. Exiled to the Benedictine abbey of Santissima Trinità in Cava dei Tirreni , of which he was once abbot, he died there as a simple monk before the end of 1102 and was buried in the monastery cemetery. The Wibertists elected Bishop Albert von Sabina as their new antipope.


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