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Thomas Draschan (* 1967 in Linz ) is an Austrian visual artist and filmmaker .


Thomas Draschan graduated from BORG Linz in 1987 and studied theater studies and journalism at the University of Vienna . In 1992 he moved to Frankfurt am Main and studied film with Peter Kubelka and Ken Jacobs at the Städelschule and in New York at the Cooper Union with Robert Breer . During the study produced the first films such as Franziska a highly regarded, handmade blow-up , in which individual Super-8 cadres in from 16 mm - Black film are glued cut-out window.

In 1998 he completed the film master class with Peter Kubelka and began organizing and curating film shows at the Städel Museum. In addition, the Frankfurt collection is being created , films by Kubelka's students that Draschan collects, restores and copies.

Draschan continues to work on numerous film projects and becomes managing director of the Hessisches Filmbüro in 2000 and director of the 1st International Film Festival in Frankfurt in 2002. Together with Studio Morra, Naples, he founded the Independent Film Show Naples , which has been taking place regularly in Naples ever since.

Draschan has received the Hessian film award twice: 2001 for Metropolis des Carelessness and 2003 for To The Happy Few .

Since 2004 Draschan has been living increasingly in Vienna again and is working on further films, music videos and on joint projects with other filmmakers.

Draschan prefers to work with " found footage ". His last films Metropolis of Recklessness , Yes? Oui? Yes? and To The Happy Few are among the internationally most successful experimental films from Austria and have been represented at festivals in New York, London and Rotterdam for years. In particular, the 12-minute experimental film Metropolis of Recklessness can now be considered a classic of found footage films.

Music videos (e.g. for New Order ) and documentaries can also be found in his work.

Filmography (selection)

  • Wotruba (A 2014), 6.5min, 2k
  • Continental Divide (A 2009), 10min, HD
  • Joy (A 2009), 3min. 35mm
  • Terror (A 2008) Cinema advertising for the Kunsthalle Wien
  • La mémoire des enfants (F / A 2007) 75min. Documentary about the deportation of Jewish children from France, together with Hannes Gellner
  • Keynote (A 2006), 6min, video together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Fordbrothers)
  • EGG (Everything's Gone Green) (A 2007), music video for New Order
  • Turn (A 2006), music video for New Order
  • Everything's gone green (A 2006), music video for New Order
  • The Influence Of Ocular Light Perception On Metabolism In Man And In Animal (A / D 2005) 6min. Found footage film, together with Stella Friedrichs
  • Girls And Cars (A 2004), music video for The Josefs, together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Ford Brothers)
  • Preserving Cultural Traditions In A Period Of Instability (A 2004), 3min. Video, together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Ford Brothers)
  • Bloodsample (A / D 2004) music video for Losoul , together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Ford Brothers)
  • Encounter In Space (A / D 2004) 7, 5min. Found footage film
  • To The Happy Few (A / D 2003) 4min. Found footage film, together with Stella Friedrichs
  • Yes? Oui? Yes? (A / D 2002) 4min. Found footage film, together with Ulrich Wiesner
  • Metropolis of Recklessness (A / D 2002) 12min. Found footage film, together with Ulrich Wiesner
  • Italy (A / D 1999) 3min. Experimental film
  • 3 films (A (D 1998) 9min. Experimental film
  • In Naples (Nitsch) (A / D 1996) 6min. Experimental film
  • Franziska / A / D 1996) 5min. Experimental film


  • Prize of Recine - Archive Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro (2005)
  • NoBudget Jury Prize, 21st International Short Film Festival Hamburg (2005)
  • Honorable Mention, mediacity 11 (2005)
  • Honorable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival (2004)
  • Hessian Film Award (2003)
  • Blue Award, THAW 03 (2003)
  • Griot Editorial Award for Excellence in the Art of Film Editing, Ann Arbor Film Festival (2002)
  • Hessian Film Award (2001)
  • Diagonale Graz: Honorable Mention (1999)
  • Ann Arbor Festival: Honorable Mention (1998)
  • Onion City Film Festival, Chicago: Sharon Cousin Founders Award (1998)

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