Tierra Negra (band)

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Tierra Negra is a guitar duo . The two members Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs call their music style Mediterranean Guitar Lounge or Flamenco Nuevo . In addition, they sell their own signature model of a flamenco guitar , the "Tierra Negra Guitar" , which is used exclusively by the Gipsy Kings at their performances, as well as a Cajón model.

Band line-up

Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs play the guitars. Daniel Sanleandro Fernandez accompanies them on drums and percussion, Felipe Rengifo Hernandez jr. on the percussions and Helmuth Fass on the bass.

Music genre

Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs play both calm and lively, fast flamenco. They find inspiration for their music in the Camargue , a warm marshland in south-eastern France . The title of the album from 2005 also refers to this origin: the sound of the south (“El Sonido del Sur”).

In 2009 Tierra Negra came into contact with Muriel Anderson , a guitarist from Nashville , Tennessee , who is known for her distinctive fingerstyle at a guitar festival in the USA . The balancing act between flamenco and the Nashville sound succeeds and through further contacts the recordings for the current album New World Flamenco were made , on which a whole series of musicians who can be described as extremely high-caliber participated as guests: Danny Gottlieb ( drums ), Mark Egan , Victor Wooten , Helmuth Fass (all bass ), Sabina Amadia ( Palmas ), Felipe Rengifo Hernandez jr. ( Latin percussion ) and of course Muriel Anderson ( classical guitar & guitar harp) as well as Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs ( flamenco guitar ).


  • 1997 - Furia Flamenca
  • 1998 - Mosquito (Hot Flamenco Dance) (Maxi)
  • 1999 - Para ti
  • 2002 - Clouds in the sky
  • 2003 - Turn of the tide
  • 2005 - El Sonido del Sur
  • 2006 - Mediterranean Guitar Lounge Vol. 1
  • 2007 - The Elements
  • 2009 - New World Flamenco (Tierra Negra & Muriel Anderson)
  • 2011 - Memory Lane

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