Helmuth Fass

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Helmuth Fass is a German jazz - and rock - bass player .

Fass took part in the Frankfurt Dr. Hoch's Conservatory took courses with Christof Lauer and was a student of bassists Norbert Dömling and Kai Eckhardt-Karpeh de Camargo . From 1991 to 1997 he studied jazz and popular music at the University of Arnhem .

Fass is a member of the band Drei vom Rhein (with Werner Neumann and Alex Vesper ), with whom he also appeared on behalf of the Goethe-Institut in Turkey, Indonesia and Kazakhstan, and works with the singer Rick Washington , with Inga Lühning , Christian Thomé , Les McCann , Don Abi and the Dirk Edelhoff Band . Since 1996 he has also participated in several tours and performances by the internationally acclaimed drum and bass band Megashira , including at the Tribal Gathering Festival in London . He also appeared with bands such as Kraftwerk , Daft Punk , Apollo 440 and Fanta 4. As a studio musician, he worked for the Precision collective of the Frankfurt DJ Kabuki . From 2003 to 2004 he was engaged at Roncalli's Apollo Varieté Theater in Düsseldorf .

Together with Martell Beigang ( Dick Brave ) he composed and produced the music for the Pro7 series Stromberg, which was awarded the Grimme Prize .