Tiger Army

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Tiger Army
Tiger Army on July 24, 2007 at the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater on the 2007 Warped Tour.
Tiger Army on July 24, 2007 at the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater on the 2007 Warped Tour .
General information
origin San Francisco , United States
Genre (s) Psychobilly , alternative rock
founding 1996
Website www.tigerarmy.com
Founding members
Vocals, guitar
Nick 13 (Kearney Jones)
Double bass, vocals
Joel Day (until 1998)
Current occupation
Nick 13 (Kearney Jones)
Djordje Stijepovic (since 2015)
Mike Fasano (2004, since 2015)
former members
double bass
Jeff Roffredo (2004-2008)
Adam Carson (1996-2000)
London May (2000-2002)
Fred Hell (2002-2004)
Double bass, backing vocals
Geoff Kresge (1999-2004, 2008-2014)
Drums, percussion
Wasted James (James Meza) (2004-2014)

Tiger Army is a psychobilly band from San Francisco , California .


The band came together in early 1996 when they had their first appearance as opening act for befriended band AFI . For this they "borrowed" their drummer Adam Carson, who was part of the band until 2000.

Rancid- Frontmann and Hellcat Records co-founder Tim Armstrong became aware of the band through local appearances and self- recorded demo tapes . He got in touch with singer and guitarist Nick 13 (Kearney Jones) and offered him to record an album. Overjoyed, but also annoyed, Nick 13 had to inform Armstrong that there is still no permanent cast. Armstrong suggested that he do a studio recording anyway. The result was an album, which was released in 1999 and stylistically contained quite conventional Psychobilly . In 2000 Nick 13 moved to Los Angeles to find a permanent cast for a tour.

With the release of their second album II: Power of Moonlite in the summer of 2001, the band embarked on an 18-month tour. They toured several US states, but also gave concerts in Japan and Europe. Geoff Kresge, Fred Hell and Nick 13 toured with bands like Dropkick Murphys , Reverend Horton Heat and The Damned , and Tiger Army performed at several festivals.

While the band recorded their third album III: Ghost Tigers Rise in early 2003 , drummer Fred Hell was shot four times in a break-in. Even after several months he was unable to record the album with the band; Mike Fasan, a friend of the band, stepped in and played the missing drum parts. For health reasons, Hell was no longer able to play in the band. In June 2007 a new album was released with the name "Music from regions beyond".

In February 2019, Nick 13 announced that the band would be taking a hiatus and that he would like to record a country-oriented solo album. The solo album was released in 2013. In 2019 Tiger Army released their new album Retrofuture and went on tour again.


Starting with Psychobilly, the band's sound changed with the second record. You can see influences from country musicians like Johnny Cash , and the instrumentation is more diverse (a Hawaiian guitar was used, among other things ). That impact is even more noticeable on the 2004 released third album while on the fourth album, Music from Regions Beyond , a variety of different styles of relatively conventional punk rock than neo-rockabilly , alternative country , melodic hardcore , alternative rock and New Wave through to Flamencopop can be heard.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
  US 146 07/17/2004 (1 week)
Music from Regions Beyond
  US 49 06/23/2007 (3 weeks)
V ...
  US 75 06/11/2016 (1 week)
  • Temptation (Chapter Eleven Records, 1997, EP )
  • Tiger Army ( Hellcat Records , 1999)
  • II Power of Moonlite (Hellcat Records, 2001)
  • Early Years (Hellcat Records, 2002, EP)
  • III Ghost Tigers Rise (Hellcat Records, 2004)
  • Music from Regions Beyond (Hellcat Records, 2007)
  • V ••• - (Rise Records, 2016)
  • Retrofuture (Rise Records, 2019)

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