Toni Martl

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Toni Martl (born September 19, 1916 in Munich ; † January 27, 1999 there ) was a German composer .

After graduating from high school in Munich , Martl completed a degree in music and composition at the Academy of Music in Munich. In 1938 he was drafted into the Wehrmacht . At the end of 1945 he returned home wounded. Because of the bullet through the shoulder, he had to decline an offer to conduct the Berliner Philharmoniker . From 1950 he worked as a composer, arranger and pianist. Under the pseudonym André Tomar he exercised the activities of the Kapellmeister and the choirmaster (men's choir Markt Kirchseeon ).

During his creative period he composed nearly 250 works of the light and upscale light music and folk music . He performed chamber music arrangements and other commissioned work, mostly for the Bavarian radio .

Works (incomplete)

  • Iberian sketches (1958)
  • Romance (1953)
  • Capriccio (1953)
  • Night in Acapulco (1967)
  • Fiesta fidel (1973)

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