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Torii Museum in Naruto

Torii Ryūzō ( Japanese 鳥 居 龍 藏 ; born April 4, 1870 in Tokushima on Shikoku , † January 14, 1953 in Tokyo ) was a Japanese anthropologist and archaeologist .

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He became a member of the Tokyo Anthropological Society in 1896 (founded in 1884). In 1922 he received a professorship at the Imperial University of Tokyo at the Anthropological Research Institute. Toriis mentor Tsuboi Shōgoro (1863-1913) had established ethnology in Japan in Tokyo in 1893 .

Torii went on expeditions to Manchuria and conducted field research among the indigenous peoples of Taiwan . He was one of the first Japanese researchers to use photography on a large scale. He undertook further research on Okinawa , the Kuril Islands , China , Mongolia , Korea , Sakhalin , Siberia , Peru , Brazil and Bolivia .

Between 1906 and 1908 he toured the eastern Mongolian plateau and reported on a number of archaeological sites, including the Hongshanhou site, the eponymous site of the Hongshan culture .

The Torii Museum in Naruto , on Tokushima, is dedicated to his work. In the 1990s his work was featured in the exhibitions Lost World on a Dry Plate: Torii Ryuzo's Asia (1991) at the Tokyo University Museum, and Images throughout the Century: Taiwan Aborigines in the Eyes of Torii Ryuzo (1994) at the Shung Ye Museum Shown from Formosa native people in Taiwan.

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