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Torrontés in Cafayate ( Argentina ).

Torrontés is an autochthonous white wine variety of Spain and comes from Galicia in the northwest of the country. Their cultivation is recommended in the regions of Galicia and Castile-La Mancha and approved in the areas around Madrid, Andalusia , the Canary Islands and around Madrid. It is therefore used in the white wines of the DOs Mondéjar (La Mancha), Montilla-Moriles (Andalusia), Rías Baixas (Galicia), Ribeiro (Galicia) and Vinos de Madrid . The Torrontés variety is also grown in Bulgaria and Portugal. Their slightly lean wines are known for their muscatel taste.

Attention: The grape variety should not be confused with the Torrontés Riojano , which is grown very successfully mainly in Argentina. In Argentina, the Torrontés Riojano is usually only briefly declared as Torrontés on the label of the bottle. It has not been confirmed whether there is a relationship to the Argentine variety or to other varieties grown in South America, such as the Torrontés Sanjuanino or Torrontés Mendocino varieties .

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Synonyms: Aris, Monastrell Bianco or Monastrell Blanco, Tarrantés; Torontel Verdil, Torrontés, Turrontés.