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Location of the Madrid region in Spain

Vinos de Madrid is a wine region with denomination of origin ( DO since November 1990) in the region of Madrid in Spain . The total vineyard area is currently around 11,800 hectares. The climate is strongly continental with cold winters and warm to hot summers; the annual rainfall is only 460 mm (in the Arganda sub-zone) to 650 mm (in the San Martin sub-zone) and the summer temperatures are often 35 ° C. In 1914 (about 30 years later than in France and northern Spain), the area, which at the time comprised over 60,000 hectares of vineyards, was devastated by phylloxera . This forced the winemakers to plant new ones and was also used to plant better grape varieties and to raise the quality standard.

A total of around 3000 winemakers work for the 26 bodegas and 13 cooperatives in the region.

Grape varieties

White wine , rosé wine and red wine are produced in the region . The permitted grape varieties are:

Subzones of the Vinos de Madrid wine region

The Vinos de Madrid wine region is divided into three subzones.

San Martín de Valdeiglesias subzone

A total of 3821 hectares of vineyards are planted in a total of 9 municipalities in the region. The grape varieties recommended by the regulator are Garnacha and Albillo. The red wines are often full-bodied and have a concentrated taste.

Navalcarnero subzone

A total of 2107 hectares of vineyards are planted in a total of 19 communities in the region. Mainly red and rosé wines made from the Garnacha grape are offered here. The red wines tend to oxidize and quickly lose their deep dark color.

Arganda subzone

A total of 5830 hectares of vineyards are planted in a total of 26 communities in the region. The Malvar and Tempranillo grape varieties produce young and fresh red wines as well as pleasant fruity white wines.


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