Malvar (grape variety)

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Malvar is an autochthonous white wine variety from Spain. Their cultivation is recommended in the regions of Castile-La Mancha and Madrid and approved in the areas of Extremadura . It is used in the white wines of the DO Mondéjar , Ribera del Guadiana and Vinos de Madrid . In the 1990s a planted vineyard area of ​​3,795 hectares was raised, of which over 2,000 hectares in Madrid alone.

The late-ripening variety produces light, rustic wines which, due to their acidity, can be fresh and of character. It is also used sporadically as a table grape .

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Ampelographic varietal characteristics

In ampelography , the habitus is described as follows:

  • The shoot tip is open. It is woolly hairy, with a crimson tinge. The yellowish young leaves are lightly woolly hairy and spotted bronze.
  • The medium-sized leaves are five-lobed and deeply indented (see also the article leaf shape ). The stem bay is closed in an elliptical shape. The blade is bluntly serrated. The teeth are medium-sized compared to other grape varieties.
  • The cylindrical to cone-shaped grape is large and dense. The round berries are medium-sized and white-yellow in color.

The grape variety ripens approx. 20 days after the Gutedel and thus belongs to the grape varieties of the late second ripening period (see the chapter in the article grape variety). It is therefore considered to ripen early.

Malvar is a variety of the noble grapevine ( Vitis vinifera ). It has hermaphrodite flowers and is therefore self-fertilizer. In viticulture , the economic disadvantage of not having to plant any male plants that produce yield is avoided.

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