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Synonyms Lairén, Aidé, Valdepeñas, Manchega - for more see the Synonyms section
Art Grape vine ( Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera )
Berry color White
origin Spain
VIVC no. 157
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Airén is a white wine variety that is only grown in Spain . In Andalusia it is also called 'Lairén' or 'Aidé' and in La Mancha it is usually referred to as 'Valdepeñas' or 'Manchega'.


The autochthonous white wine variety, which was already known in the Middle Ages, comes from Spain.


With more than 252,364 hectares (as of 2010), this grape variety ranks third among the world's most widely  grown grape varieties for wine production. However, their acreage is in decline. At the end of the 1980s it was more than 476,300 hectares. Compared to the year 2000, the area decreased by 35%. Nevertheless, more than a quarter of the Spanish vineyards or almost twice the total vineyards in Germany , Austria and Switzerland are planted with this vine. The variety is not known or represented outside of Spain.


It is relatively undemanding and very resistant to heat and drought. This makes it ideal for growing in hot climates. In La Mancha it was exceptionally large stick intervals, only 1,200 to 1,600 vines / ha planted, and mostly in low bush form educated . In other wine-growing areas, the density of vines is 3,000 to 5,000 vines / ha.


The grape variety is used to produce light yellow, neutral wine with a high alcohol content . This was traditionally used for both white and red wine production (mostly in central Spain), often blended with dark grapes, e.g. B. Tempranillo , used to make a light red wine. The resulting wines are often very rustic, prone to oxidation and of poor quality. A blending of a red wine with a white wine variety is prohibited according to current legal regulations.

The Airén wines are also used as the base wine for the distillation of Spanish brandies .

It is only through the use of modern cellar technology , such as temperature control and the associated controlled fermentation, that Airén is fermented into fresh, dry, quick-to-drink white wines. In several ways, the Spanish variety can be compared to the French Ugni Blanc , which is used to make cognac .


The grape variety is also known by 26 other names: Aiden, Blanc Du Zerhoun, Blancon, Burra Blanca, Burrablanca, Colgadera, El Biod, El Biodh, El Karim, Forcallada, Forcallat, Forcallat Blanca, Forcallat Blanco, Forcellat Bianca, Forcellat Blanca, historical: Datilera, Laeren de Rey, Lairen, Layren, Manchega, Mantuo Laeren, Valdepenas, Valdepenera, Valdepenera Blanca, Valdepenero, Zerhouni .

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