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The cellar economy or oenology ( ancient Greek οἶνος oînos , German 'wine' , from the mythical king Oineus , and -logie ) is a field of study of wine production. It deals with the pressing and aging (maturation) of wine, the whole scope of winemaking .

Oenologist as a profession

In some countries (such as France, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Romania and Georgia) oenology is a subject at a university with a degree in viticulture and oenology (today also Bachelor or Master).

The well in the 18th century already in oenological literature (for the "wine doctor") to place knowledge and area of responsibility of an oenologist includes the rational application of the learned or the science or technology scooped knowledge , carrying out technological research, collaboration in development of materials for the technology and equipment of wineries ; Participation in the establishment and maintenance of vineyards , taking full responsibility for the production of grape juice , wine and derived products from wine and ensuring their shelf life, carrying out analyzes ( physical , chemical , microbiological and organoleptic ) of the aforementioned products and the interpretation of the analysis data. He has the ability to recognize the existing relationships between the economy , wine legislation and oenological technology and to organize the marketing of the products . It is the oenologist's job to prepare wines of a quality that meets the requirements of the market. His skills are in demand in analysis laboratories, in applied research , in advisory bodies, in wine-growing businesses (private, cooperative ), in trade , in industry or in training . There are many current challenges. They relate to the product, its technological, ecological, economic, cultural and social environment.


The training opportunities in viticulture and cellar management can take place in German-speaking countries at agricultural technical schools, technical colleges, technical colleges and universities. In 2014, Germany had 63 new training contracts in the field of wine technologist / wine technologist or wine coopers / -in .

Training opportunities: Viticulture: Training opportunities for viticulture and cellar management

Job titles

The usual job titles based on this branch of education are:

  • Beverage Technologist (Engineer)
  • Wine technologist / technician
  • Bachelor (Viticulture and Oenology)
  • Oenologist

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