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Transamund I. (also Transemund, Thrasimund, Thrasamund ; † 703 ) was Comes (Count) of Capua until 663 and Dux of the Longobard Duchy of Spoleto from 663 to 703 .


Transamund had a brother named Wachilap; her parents are unknown. He was married to a daughter of King Grimoald , with whom he had the son Faroald II .

Around 661/662 Transamund was already comes from Capua when his dux Grimoald von Benevento planned to usurp the kingdom. Godepert , who ruled together with his brother Perctarit as King of the Longobards, sought the support of dux Grimoald of Benevento against Perctarit in 661/662. Grimoald handed over his duchy to his son Romuald I in 662 and marched with a small band of warriors to the royal seat in Pavia. On the way, Grimoald gathered allies and sent Transamund to Spoleto and Tuscany to find more allies. In the Emilia both departments combined. Grimoald stabbed Godepert in his palace in 662. Perctarit fled into exile. A popular assembly confirmed Grimoald as king.

In 662, the Byzantine emperor Constans II landed with his army near Taranto and conquered numerous cities in Benevento. Konstans ended the campaign in 663 and withdrew to Sicily. Transamund is not mentioned in connection with this campaign, but it seems to have excelled here too. After the fighting was over, Grimoald married his daughter to Transamund in 663 and appointed him dux of Spoleto after the death of Attos. Transamund ruled on an equal footing with his brother Wachilapus.

The importance of Spoleto lay on the one hand in the geographical connection between the northern Italian kingdom and the duchy of Benevento, on the other hand it separated the still Roman possessions around Ravenna and the Adriatic Sea from those around Rome and Naples.

After Transamund's death in 703 he was succeeded by his son Faroald II as dux .



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