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Tritsch Tratsch was a television program that was broadcast in 50 editions between 1979 and 1984 on Austrian radio (ORF). After an accident of the first moderator Guido Baumann in October 1980, it was moderated by the editor of the show Josef (Joki) Kirschner .


The show was invented by Dieter Böttger (ORF head of entertainment), Josef Kirschner and Felix Dvorak . Well-known components are the Ladlspiel , Felix Dvorak's humorous solos and the Tritsch Tratsch girl . Vera Russwurm began her career as such . Even Rain Fendrich had here in 1981 with the song Zweierbeziehung (a man with his car) his television debut as a singer.

The shop game

There was a box with six drawers with different contents, including a diamond ring worth 70,000 schillings at the time (around 5,000 euros, excluding inflation ). The callers, who did not know which price was hidden in which drawer , had to choose a drawer, the contents of which they then won. Presenter Kirschner tried to dissuade the caller from opening the drawer with cash - similar to the new ORF program 1 gegen 100 with Klaus Eberhartinger . Sometimes someone won the ring, others crazy prizes: For example, it once included a ticket for the subway in Moscow - you had to pay for the outward journey yourself - or, for example, you won a trip to “Übersee”, overseas at the Chiemsee in Germany - or there was a "Castle in France" to be won, which turned out to be a padlock that was supposedly still in France at the time of the game.


Also legendary was the letter from a viewer who was upset that when sitting with crossed legs, the moderator's long johns were visible over the socks, whereupon Kirschner read this letter out on the next broadcast and demonstratively pulled up his trouser legs to show his long johns.

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