UMF Víkingur

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UMF Víkingur
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Basic data
Surname Ungmennafélagið Víkingur
Seat Ólafsvík
founding 1928
president Jónas Gestur Jónasson
First soccer team
Head coach Ejub Purisevic
Venue Ólafsvíkurvöllur
Places 1,130
league Debt collection deildin
2019 4th Place

UMF Víkingur ( Ungmennafélagið Víkingur ) is an Icelandic sports club from Ólafsvík .


The association was founded in 1928. Most of the time he played in the lower leagues of Iceland. After merging with other smaller teams from the Snæfellsnes peninsula in 2002, the club achieved some sporting successes. From the fourth league followed the march through in the second class 1. deild karla , from which one however relegated after two years. In 2010 the promotion succeeded and two years later in 2012 the club achieved promotion to the first-class Pepsideild with a second place and thus the greatest sporting success in the club's history.

After relegation in the following season and two more years in the second division, Vikingur rose again in 2015.


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