USS Pintado (SSN-672)

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USS Pintado (SSN-672) with a DSRV
period of service USN Jack
Ordered: December 29, 1965
Keel laying: October 27, 1967
Launch: 16th August 1969
Commissioning: 11th September 1971
Decommissioning: February 26, 1998
Status: Canceled
Technical specifications
Displacement: 4,870 tons submerged
Length: 89 m
Width: 9.7 m
Draft: 8.9 m
Drive: A S5W reactor
Crew: 12 officers, 95 sailors

The USS Pintado (SSN-672) was a nuclear-powered submarine of the United States Navy and was among Sturgeon-class submarine to.


The Pintado was commissioned in late 1965 and laid down on the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in October 1967 . After a construction period of almost two years, the boat was launched and entered service with the Navy in 1971.

The first mission took the Pintado to the western Pacific in 1972 and 1973, the second also in 1974. In May of that year, the Pintado was operating in the waters off Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky , where a Soviet submarine base was located. During the voyages, the American collided with a Soviet Yankee-class submarine . The Yankee appeared immediately, while the Pintado escaped, submerged. This resulted in severe damage to the bow area on the Pintado , which was repaired in the dry dock on the island of Guam over the next seven weeks . Following this was Pintado , the first submarine that successfully an anti-ship missiles of the type -AGM 84 Harpoon launched.

After the first regular overhaul, the Pintado was relocated to the Pacific again, which lasted from August 1977 to February 1978. During exercises with the South Korean Navy, the Pintado collided with a surface ship, and slight damage to the rudder was found.

At the end of 1978, the Pintado was operating under the Arctic ice, and on October 10th she appeared at the North Pole . In 1979 it was voyages in the Indian Ocean, where the submarine was operating in the context of the hostage-taking of Tehran , and in 1981 it was relocated to the western Pacific again. A 16-month overhaul in the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard followed in June 1982 . This was followed by operations under the Arctic ice cap, and in November 1984 the Pintado appeared together with her sister boat USS Gurnard (SSN-662) as the third pair of submarines at the North Pole.

After further journeys in the Pacific and a third visit to the North Pole in 1987, an overhaul followed in July 1989, this time in their shipyard. In 1992 the Pintado was relocated to Pearl Harbor and on August 23, she was the first ever submarine to make a fourth visit to the North Pole. After voyages in the Atlantic in 1993 and in the Pacific in 1996, the Pintado was decommissioned in 1998 and canceled until October 1998 as part of the Ship-Submarine Recycling Program in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard .