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Udo Hoffmann (born August 26, 1942 ) is a former German soccer player. For SC Dynamo Berlin , he played in 1963 in the GDR Oberliga , the top division in GDR football .

Athletic career

Udo Hoffmann began his football career at the company sports association (BSG) Motor Nordhausen-West . Udo Hoffmann made his start in the higher-class football at the age of 21 on the 11th match day of the GDR Oberliga season 1963/64 for SC Dynamo Berlin. In the 5-1 victory over SC Leipzig , he was used as a center forward and achieved the 2-1 intermediate result. Hoffmann was also used as a center forward in the two following league games, but was no longer called up afterwards.

Hoffmann returned to BSG Motor in Nordhausen for the 1964/65 season. At that time the BSG was playing in the third-rate district league district of Erfurt . With Hoffmann, the team won the district championship and was promoted to the GDR league . Hoffmann left Motor Nordhausen, however, and moved to GDR league club BSG Motor Weimar . Although he was used there in the 1966/67 season in only ten of 30 league games, he was the top scorer of the Weimar with eight goals . He was able to repeat this success in 1967/68 with ten goals, which this time he scored in 21 stakes. After this season Motor Weimar had to relegate from the GDR league, which Hoffmann took as an opportunity to return to Motor Nordhausen-West.

Nordhausen-West played in the district league again in 1968/69, but was also district champion and returnees in the GDR league with Hoffmann. With the exception of the 1971/72 season (15 appearances in 22 league games, no goal) Hoffmann was always a regular in the Nordhausen team until 1976 and only missed 27 games in six seasons 170 league games. At the age of 32, Hoffmann went into his penultimate GDR league season in 1976. Of the 22 point games, he only played 13 games, but scored three more goals. In the 1977/78 season he only played in one league game and did not score any more. In the summer of 1978, after four league games and one goal and 203 games in the GDR league with 56 goals, he ended his career as a football player in the performance area.

As early as the 1975/76 season he had taken over the position of trainer in the GDR league team from Motor Nordhausen. He coached the team until the end of the 1981/82 season, after which he became head of the football section at BSG Motor.


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