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Ulrich Pogoda (born July 31, 1954 in Wittichenau , Sorbian Kulow ) is a Sorbian composer and music editor .

Pogoda received his music lessons first at the music school in Hoyerswerda (Sorb. Wojerecy ). After studying sports and training as a civil engineer, Pogoda turned entirely to music in 1979 and studied at the conservatory in Weimar and at the conservatory in Cottbus (Sorb. Chóśebuz ). In 1985 he became music editor at the Lower Sorbian radio, currently Studio Cottbus of the RBB . Pogoda received the Domowina Prize for Composition and in 1994 won the 1st Brandenburg Composition Competition for String Orchestra. In 1999 he won a scholarship for the Villa Massimo in Rome.

Pogoda's work spans a variety of musical genres, including vocal music and a musical . Pogoda uses diatonic scales as his compositional starting material , from which he derives various motifs, polyphonic and chordal structures. He also uses traditional compositional methods. Best known is the frequently performed two-movement concerto for piano and orchestra. Pogoda also acts as an organizer of Sorbian musical life.


  • Marionette Dances - Capriccio op.1 for string quartet (WP: 1989)
  • Fantasia by colore for alto saxophone and string quartet op.3 (premiere: 1996)
  • Twelve months - cycle for piano op.5 (premier: 1993)
  • Adagio for flute, 2 violins and piano op.12 (premiere: 1996)
  • Im Zauberwald for flute, 2 violins and piano (premiere: 1996)
  • Three poetic pictures for mezzo-soprano, baritone, violoncello and piano, (premiere: 1996)
  • Fetzer - A youth piece, musical for youth choir and school orchestra (1997)
  • Concerto for piano and orchestra op.20 (1997/98, premiere: 1999)
  • Di sera a Roma for piano op.21 (premiere: 1999)
  • Zymski lěs (Winterwald), concertante song for medium voice and orchestra, text: Mina Witkojc (2000)
  • Symphonic Poem - Maria Grollmuß for orchestra (2000/01)
  • Concerto saxofonica for alto saxophone and orchestra (2001)
  • Serbska reja (Sorbian dance) for orchestra (2002)
  • Stages, concertante song for soprano and orchestra, text: Hermann Hesse (2002)
  • Quartetto con moto for string quartet
  • A little story for violin and piano
  • Introtropical for flute and piano (WP: 2002)
  • Zognowanje for trio and piano (premiere: 2003)
  • Toccata con spirito for organ (WP: 2004)
  • Hommage à KW for organ (WP: 2005)
  • Seven not just in one stroke for string orchestra
  • Three monologues for flute and piano (premiere: 1997)
  • Eight segments for speaker and orchestra (based on fragments from the novel "Bild des Vaters" by Jurij Bresan) (WP: 2001)
  • Psalm fantasy No. 1 for organ "Because you are my rock ..." (Psalm 31/4) (WP: 2005)
  • Psalm fantasy No. 2 for organ "The Lord is my light and my salvation" (Psalm 27/1) (WP: 2005)
  • Hand-lungen for clarinet solo (WP: 1999)
  • Ora pro nobis for clarinet and organ (premiere: 1996)
  • Premenjene roze - Transformed roses, cycle for medium voice and piano (premier: 2001)
  • Ballad for wind quintet - Spring for the Children of Bosnia (WP: 1993)
  • Five submodal sketches for oboe and violin (premiere: 1996)
  • Paso doble quasi noble for clarinet quartet (premiere: 1996)
  • Submodal Intermezzo for clarinet trio (WP: 1996)
  • Two miniatures for clarinet quartet (premiere: 1995)
  • Romance for flute and guitar (WP: 1996)
  • Sonata for violin and piano (WP: 2000)
  • Meditativo for flute, violoncello and piano (WP: 2001)
  • Contours of a Landscape for flute, harp, percussion and piano (WP: 2004)
  • The Talk Of Strings And Tongues for violin, accordion and guitar (1993)
  • Maceri (The Mother) for choir and string orchestra (2003)
  • Humoresque for viola, cello and piano (premiere: 1993)
  • Fughetta maestoso for organ (old style) (WP: 2003)
  • Cottbus Park Railway for accordion orchestra (WP: 2004)

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