Independents for citizen-friendly democracy

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... for democracy close to the people
Party leader Werner Fischer
vice-chairman Konrad Dippel, Andreas Beier, Herbert Birol
founding September 9, 2002
Place of foundation Kaufbeuren
Headquarters Kaufbeuren
Number of members 139 (as of February 26, 2013)

The INDEPENDENT party for citizen-friendly democracy is a small German party and advocates independent individual applicants and direct democracy . The focus is on the introduction of popular initiatives and referendums at the federal level on the basis of an improved Bavarian model.


The party was founded on September 9, 2002 in Kaufbeuren , where its headquarters are to this day. In 2004 the party bürger macht politik (bmp.) , Which was founded in 2002, was incorporated into it and formed the party's state association in North Rhine-Westphalia . In the same year the citizens' initiative buerger zu joined her and formed the state association of Baden-Württemberg.

It was founded as the “'Aktion Independent Candidates' citizens' campaign for the creation of independent direct candidates” (short name: Independent candidates ). At the beginning of 2004, the name was changed to “INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES ... for direct democracy + citizen-oriented solutions” (short name: INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES ). The current name was decided in spring 2005.

The decision to incorporate it into the non-partisan group of voters for referendums , which had developed from the INDEPENDENT party in 2007, was declared ineffective by the Federal Returning Officer on October 3, 2008 . On October 25, 2009, the members therefore decided to continue the party without regional associations and to concentrate on promoting independent individual applicants.

Election results

For the 2002 Bundestag election, the party supported the single applicant Werner Fischer in constituency 258 (Ostallgäu), who achieved the best single applicant result in Bavaria with 2065 votes.

In the state election in Bavaria on September 21, 2003, the same candidate ran in the administrative region of Swabia and received 1,346 votes (0.1 percent of the votes).

As the only participating group of voters, the grouping for the 2004 European elections received 70,301 (0.3%) votes nationwide.

In October 2004 she supported Knut vom Bovert as an independent candidate in the mayoral election of the city of Haan (North Rhine-Westphalia). He prevailed in the runoff election against a fellow CDU competitor and was re-elected in 2009. In 2014 he lost the runoff election against a CDU candidate.

For the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2005 , she put a candidate in constituency 41 Düsseldorf II who received 204 votes (0.3 percent) in the constituency.

The party participated in the early federal election in 2005 with nine direct candidates and two individual applicants. Their results averaged 1.8% in the constituencies (11,703 votes, with individual applicants 31,714 votes), while the individual applicant Konrad Dippel in constituency 236 (Weiden) achieved 13.6%.

One candidate ran for the state elections in Baden-Württemberg in 2006 and received 556 votes (0.7%) in the 62 Tübingen constituency. Another member started as a single applicant and achieved 5.2%.

In the 2009 European elections , the party did not run in favor of the voters group for referendums . For the 2009 election , they supported together with this group of voters 22 independent candidates; Dippel achieved 14.1% of the votes in constituency 235 (Weiden).

In 2011, the party in the Pankow district took part in the elections for the Berlin House of Representatives and the district assembly with 6 candidates, and achieved 0.5% (AH) and 0.6% (BVV) there.

From 2012 to 2015 party members cooperated with the Family Party of Germany . This cooperation was terminated due to discrepancies.

A few individual applicants competed in the 2013 federal election , with Dippel holding his third place in the constituency with 4.4%.

For the 2014 European elections, nominees did without their own list and supported the Family Party of Germany , which was able to move into the EU Parliament with a mandate.

On November 6, 2016, it was decided to participate in the 2017 federal election . INDEPENDENTS were represented with 3 direct candidates in Bavaria. In addition, some individual applicants (including Konrad Dippel, result: again 3rd place with 9.3%) were supported.

For the candidacy for the 2019 European elections , the party worked with the platform But she was unable to provide enough supporting signatures for approval.

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Individual evidence

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