The beach lies under the pavement (magazine)

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The beach is under the pavement

publishing company Karin Kramer Publishing House
First edition 1974
attitude 1985, 2013
Frequency of publication yearly
editor Hans Peter Duerr
ZDB 7453-6

Under the pavement, the beach is an anarchist cultural magazine that appeared from 1974 to 1985 in 15 annual volumes in the anarchist Karin Kramer Verlag in Berlin . It was published by Hans Peter Duerr and initially had the subtitle Anarchismus heute and later magazine for cabbage and beets . In 2013, after a break of 28 years, one last volume was published.

The focus of the magazine was on anarchism , anarchist epistemology, shamanism , witchcraft and indigenous cultures .

The magazine published texts by anarchist classics, among others, by Murray Bookchin , Pierre Clastres , Henning Eichberg , Paul Feyerabend , Hubert Fichte and Hans Sebald . In 1982, a special volume was dedicated to Werner Müller's research on Indians on his 75th birthday.


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