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Uri Dan (born Schlomo Uri in Tel Aviv in 1935 ; died December 24, 2006 in Kfar Saba ) was an Israeli journalist and photographer. He was a longtime confidante of Ariel Sharon .


From 1952 to 1954, Uri Dan studied mechanical engineering at the Haifa Technion , then went to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and worked there for the army newspaper BaMahaneh . The then commander of the Israeli paratrooper brigade, Ariel Sharon, gave him permission to accompany and report on these troops on their covert operations behind enemy lines. In the battle of the Mitla Pass during the Sinai campaign , he took part in the battle jump of the vanguard battalion. After his discharge from the army, he became Ma'ariv's France correspondent .

After Sharon was not appointed chief of staff of the IDF and retired from active military service in the summer of 1973, Dan declared that those who did not want Sharon to be chief of staff would now get him as defense minister. When the Yom Kippur War broke out shortly afterwards , Dan became Ma'ariv's war correspondent in Sharon's division. He took the famous photos of Sharon with the head bandage that he wore as a result of his injury during a successful counterattack across the Suez Canal . In 1977 Dan's prophecy came true: Sharon became Minister of Defense and Dan his press advisor shortly afterwards. When Sharon had to resign as defense minister in 1982 because of Israel's share of responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila massacre , Dan coined the phrase that those who did not want Sharon as defense minister would get him as prime minister .

Dan had been the Israel Correspondent for the New York Post since the 1980s and also worked for Fox News . He also wrote around twenty books.

When Sharon became head of government according to Dan's prediction, they disagreed on the decoupling plan and the split in Likud ; yet Dan was one of Sharon's closest friends until the end. Dan died of lung cancer after a long illness.

Publications (in selection)

  • Kippour (with Ben Porat, Jonathan Gueffen, Eytan Haber, Hesi Carmel, Eli Landau and Eli Tavor), 1974
  • Sharon's Bridgehead, 1975
  • 90 minutes in Entebbe (with William Stevenson), 1976
  • Eichmann Syndrome (with Edward Radley), 1977
  • Ultimatum Pu 94. A Novel of Nuclear Terror (with Peter Mann, pseudonym for Peter Zvi Malkin ), 1977
  • Carlos Must Die (with Peter Mann, pseudonym for Peter Zvi Malkin), 1978
  • The Face Of Terror, 1978
  • Meyer Lansky. Mogul of the Mob (with Dennuis Eisenberg and Eli Landau), 1979
  • Blood Libel, 1987
  • To the Promised Land. The Birth of Israel / 40th Anniversary, 1988
  • Qui a tué Maxwell? 1992
  • Peter Malkine, l'espion du siècle, 2006
  • Ariel Sharon. An Intimate Portrait, 2006


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