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Vendramin is the name of a Venetian patrician family who, in the second half of the 15th century, provided Andrea Vendramin (around 1393 - 1478), a doge of the Republic of Venice . She is therefore counted among those 16 families who are referred to as the "ducal houses" (case nuove ducali) , although of course they did not have this rank hereditary, but only in the respective person of the electoral duke (see: patriciate of Venice ).


There are various hypotheses about the origin of the family, including an origin from Udine , Aquileia or Illyria . With the so-called serrata , the closure of the Great Council in the period around 1297/1323, the established families of Venice excluded upstarts from government affairs, including the Vendramin. But since they gave considerable support to the Republic in the Chioggia War , they were reassigned to the Grand Council in 1381. In addition to the Doge Andrea, they also provided various civil servants, the military and church dignitaries.

In 1739 the Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi in the Cannaregio district was inherited from the Grimani -Calergi to Niccolò Vendramin di San Marcuola, who took on the name Vendramin-Calergi , which the building has been bearing ever since. The Grimani inherited it in 1668 from the extinct Calergi, a family of Greek origin - also excluded from the Grand Council in 1297 - who owned large estates in the Venetian colony on Crete , the Duchy of Candia , which existed from 1212 to 1669 . Niccolò Vendramin also inherited the Villa Grimani Vendramin Calergi Valmarana in Noventa Padovana . The palace was sold in 1844 and the villa was bought by Countess Elena Valmarana, b. Countess Vendramin-Calergi, bequeathed to the Noventa Padovana commune, which established a school there in 1909. In the same parish, the family also owned the Villa Vendramin Cappello Collizzolli . Through the marriage of Francesco Vendramin-Calergi in 1757 to Bianca Morosini, daughter of Doge Francesco Morosini , the Villa Morosini Vendramin Calergi in Fiesso Umbertiano , built by him, came into the family and remained so until 1895. Another country estate that was temporarily owned by the Family found was the villa Onigo Calergi Grimani Avogadro degli Azzoni in Lanzago (town of Silea ).

When the republic fell in 1797, the family existed in four lines. In 1817/18 they were admitted to the Austrian nobility of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia by imperial resolutions , and the Vendramin-Calergi line was elevated to the rank of count in 1818. That line still exists.

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