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Care assistant in the health sector on duty

Care assistant positions are occasionally offered in the healthcare sector . This (non-protected) job title stands for:

  • an additional qualification for medical assistants or other health professions to support family doctor care , which should enable these employees to take on tasks that can be delegated by the doctor, in particular to carry out house calls independently . This can be billed according to Section 87 (2b) sentence 5 SGB V. The exact names vary depending on the federal state, e.g. B. "Care assistant in the family doctor's practice" ( VERAH ), " Relief care assistant" (EVA), "Non-medical practice assistant" (NÄPA), or "Doctor-relieving community-based e-health-supported System Intervention "(AGnES). The German Medical Association has defined the advanced training curriculum. Since 2015, the EBM has included fees for delegated home visits by non-doctors (Chapter 38). If they are qualified care assistants, surcharges are possible, namely the fee schedule items 38200/38205 (approx. 9 euros). The requirements for this are regulated by the so-called delegation agreement.
  • an activity in the field of economic and utility services or for logistics in hospitals and care facilities , d. H. to relieve the nursing staff. Different activities arise depending on the company. The supply assistant or module assistant is responsible for material management (medical needs, economic needs and the module supply of the care stations) using merchandise management systems and barcode scanners as well as storage activities, pick-up and delivery services and the support processes of disposal, food logistics, laundry supply, cleaning and disinfection tasks. The OR supply assistant is mainly used in the sterile area of ​​the operation department for material management (ordering medical supplies, checking the implant store, sterile goods controls, looking after the module supply system, preparing case trolleys, having the necessary storage aids ready for the operation, preparing the patient tables in the operating room) and at Transferring patients in and out of the operating theater. Employees often come from the professions warehouseman , Fachlagerist , storekeeper , nursing assistants , Medical employee or career changers eg. With knowledge of medical products.

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  • Physician assistant , (English Physician Assistant), the easy to study with Bacholor's degree medical activities such. B. may perform surgical assistance under the responsibility of a licensed doctor.

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