Administrative archive (journal)

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Administrative archive

description German trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Administrative science
publishing company Carl Heymanns Verlag
First edition 1892/93
Frequency of publication quarterly
ISSN (print)

The administrative archive (abbreviated: VerwArch ) is a legal journal in which decisions and articles on administrative doctrine , administrative law and administrative policy are published.

The publishers are or were Elke Luise Barnstedt, Arthur Benz , Willi Blumel , Siegfried Bross , Jürgen Fluck , Klaus König , Hans-Werner Laubinger , Christian-Friedrich Menger , Rainer Pietzner , Michael Ronellenfitsch , Wolf-Rüdiger Schenke and January Ziekow where also the editorship lies.

The magazine is published four times a year by Carl Heymanns Verlag with a print run of 1,800 copies.


Michael Stolleis : History of Public Law in Germany , Volume III: Constitutional and Administrative Law Studies in the Republic and Dictatorship 1914–1945 , pp. 304 ff.

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