Administrative community Arneburg-Krusemark

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The administrative community Arneburg-Krusemark in the Stendal district in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) was the administrative-political amalgamation of the municipalities Altenzaun , Beelitz , Behrendorf , Hassel , Hindenburg , Hohenberg-Krusemark , Jarchau , Sandauerholz , Sanne , Schwarzholz , Storkau (Elbe) and Werben ( Elbe) and the city of Arneburg .

The administrative community was dissolved on January 1, 2005 and the communities were integrated into the new administrative community Arneburg-Goldbeck .


Coat of arms of the VG Arneburg-Krusemark

coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on April 18, 1994 by the Magdeburg Regional Council.

Blazon : “Divided and half-split; A tinned red castle wall with a tinned gate tower and two wall towers, each with a round arched window covered with green and kneaded gold; the right tower with a gable roof, the left one with a pointed roof; a gold-armored red eagle hovering over the gate tower; below in front a three-armed golden candlestick in red; Split twice at the bottom, split three times by silver and green. "

The upper field shows parts of the Arneburg city arms and stands for the city that gave it its name. The lower left field with the golden candlestick stands for the second eponymous municipality Krusemark. The eleven small fields stand for the eleven other communities that became members when the VG was founded. The eagle in the upper area of ​​the coat of arms is also a symbol for the city of Werben.