Victor Debonneville

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Victor Debonneville (born February 5, 1829 in Gimel ; † March 11, 1902 there , entitled to live in Gimel) was a Swiss politician ( FDP ).


Debonneville trained as a notary in Lausanne from 1851 to 1852 . After his active political career, he reopened his notary's office in Gimel in 1899.

In 1857 he was elected mayor of his hometown and held this office until 1882. As a radical - conservative member of the Grand Council of the Canton of Vaud , he had a seat from 1857 to 1885. From 1878 to 1880 he was on the Council of States for two years . First as a member of the Constitutional Council in 1884, he was elected to the State Council of the Canton of Vaud in 1885 , where he headed the Department of the Interior until 1899.

He represented the shareholders and the Société vaudoise de secours mutuels on the board of directors of the Waadtländer Kantonalbank . Debonneville drew up laws for children in need and drove out the reorganization of the hospital system.

In the Swiss Army he was a major and from 1874 to 1876 a major judge at the military court.

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