Villa de Álvarez

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Villa de Álvarez
Coordinates: 19 ° 15 ′  N , 103 ° 44 ′  W
Map: Colima
Villa de Álvarez
Villa de Álvarez on the map of Colima
Basic data
Country Mexico
State Colima
Municipio Villa de Álvarez
Residents 117,600  (2010)
City insignia
Escudo de Villa de Alvarez.png
Detailed data
height 470  m
Post Code 28970
prefix 312
City Presidency Enrique Monroy Sánchez
Villa d Alvarez.JPG

Villa de Álvarez is a town of around 117,000 people in the Mexican state of Colima . Villa de Álvarez is the administrative seat of the municipality of the same name, Villa de Álvarez .



Villa de Álvarez is located in the state of Colima at the foot of the volcano of the same name .


The annual average temperature is 25 ° C, and the annual rainfall values ​​fluctuate on average between 63.7 and 94.9 millimeters. The period from July to September is particularly rainy.


The city was named after the first president Colimas Manuel Álvarez and translated means something like Valley of Álvarez .

Economy and Infrastructure

Colima agglomeration

Villa de Álvarez and the capital Colima form an economic conurbation. The two cities have differentiated themselves in such a way that the Villa de Álvarez is mainly used for living, while Colima is more for companies and businesses. Colima and Villa de Álvarez have a common public transport system. Political differences in the past meant that cooperation at the political level largely failed to materialize.


Long-distance transport

Colima Airport (International Airport Code: CLQ) offers travelers various national connections to Mexico City and Tijuana every day . Another important connection for goods traffic is the railway line and the motorway between Manzanillo and Guadalajara . For travelers, there are also daily national connections from the bus station to destinations all over Mexico.

Local transport

Taxis are relatively cheap in Villa de Álvarez and Colima, and another very inexpensive way to get around is the city's bus system. There are no fixed bus schedules or stops (with the exception of the large avenues and in the center), you get on or off at the corners. Without exception, all bus routes are circular; H. there is no opposite direction of the same line.

The small bus station Central de los Rojos is located near the center of Colima and offers trips to the surrounding area. It is also served by most urban lines. Rojos is therefore an important hub for changes within the city and for excursions into the surrounding area (to Manzanillo ).

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