Vice-county of Avranches

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The vice-county of Avranches with the capital Avranches was a border region between (present-day) Normandy and Brittany . It was under the sovereignty of the Duke of Brittany until 936 , when it was ceded to the Duke of Normandy.

Vice Count Hugues did not take part directly in the Norman conquest of England , but supported William the conqueror with 60 ships and after the Norman victory was awarded the county of Chester , so that from now on Chester and Avranches were under the same rule.

The French King Louis IX. the saint bought the land in 1236 after the death of the last vice count, Ranulph III.

It later belonged to the area that was ceded to Charles II the Evil , King of Navarre and Count of Evreux . In 1378 it was finally confiscated by the Crown.

Vice Count of Avranches

The following people were Vice Count of Avranches:


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