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Walba was one of the first German scooter the post-war period . It was powered by a 100 cm³, later 118 cm³ two-stroke engine from ILO . The design came from Louis Lucien Lepoix .

Later the improved "Tourist" and "Commodore" models with ILO engines from 147 cm³ to 174 cm³ displacement were brought out, the Commodore had a hydraulic brake.

The Reutlingen- based company Walba was active until 1952. The name is made up of Waldemar and Alexander Balbaschewski, father and son. Alexander Balbaschewski (1919–1995) was a graduate engineer , studied a. a. in Paris , and later in a leading position at Ford , BMW and MAN .

The production of the Walba “Tourist” and “Commodore” scooters was continued by the Kannenberg vehicle factory until around 1957 .

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