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Human as a driving machine
Rod drive of the electric locomotive DD1 ( Pennsylvania Railroad )

In technology , a drive is used to describe the structural unit that moves a machine by means of energy conversion . Often this is a motor with a possibly necessary gear . There are rotary actuators and linear actuators. Non-mechanical objects such as draft animals , wind , flowing or falling water and manual drive by humans are also to be regarded as primary drives .

The output is the part that is available for use by the drive unit. Often a coupling separates the drive and output side. If you look at the machine on the output side of a system, you also speak of a working machine , while the driving side is referred to as the power machine .

The devices for driving a device often use several different operating principles whose carriers are coupled. Combustion energy is used in a diesel engine for a truck , which is applied according to the principle of the piston engine and the crank drive and transfers the rotary motion to the wheels . The truck is thus correctly designated both as a "vehicle with internal combustion engine" and as a "vehicle with wheel drive".

Designation of the drive types

According to the primary energy source

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According to the implementation principle

Ship propeller

After the construction part at the end of the implementation chain

According to the goal of the drive

According to the type of movement

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