Coat of arms of Guyana

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Coat of arms of Guyana
Coat of arms of Guyana.svg
Introduced February 25, 1966
Heraldic shield Water lily hoatzin
Sign holder jaguar
Motto (motto) One People, One Nation, One Destiny ( Eng. , "One People, One Nation, One Fate")

The national coat of arms of Guyana was adopted by Parliament on February 25, 1966, after Queen Elizabeth II conferred it on Guyana on January 21 of the same year.

The central motif of the coat of arms is the coat of arms shield in the middle, on which three blue wavy lines are shown in the middle in silver , which symbolize the three main rivers of Guyana. Above those three waves is a water lily , underneath a hoatzin .

The shield is held by two jaguars as a shield holder . The one on the right is holding a hoe , the one on the left is holding a sugar cane . This symbolizes the two main agricultural branches of the country. A golden helmet with jewels set on both sides and blue and white helmet covers rests on the shield . A feather ornament is in the helmet bead of the same color. This symbolizes the Indio -Bevölkerung, the jewels on the side of the helmet, the mining industry of the nation. The helmet itself represents the close connection to the United Kingdom .

Under the shield is a silver banner with the national motto of Guyana: One People, One Nation, One Destiny ( eng. , "One people, one nation, one fate")