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Weißkirchen are / were called the following places:

Parish parts:


  • Blanche-Église , municipality in the Moselle department in France (Weißkirchen)
  • Weiskirch, part of the municipality of Volmunster in the Moselle department in France (Weißkirchen)
  • Bela Crkva , Vojvodina, Serbia (Weißkirchen im Banat)
  • Holíč , city in western Slovakia
  • Medveďov , municipality in southwestern Slovakia
  • Biely Kostol , municipality in western Slovakia
  • Bílý Kostel nad Nisou , municipality in the Czech Republic (Weißkirchen (Neisse))
  • Hranice na Moravě , town in the Czech Republic (Mährisch Weißkirchen)

Weißkirchen , Weisskirchen is the name of the following people:

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