World Customs Organization

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Member States of the WCO

The World Customs Organization ( WZO ) (officially Organization Mondiale des Douanes (OMD) or World Customs Organization (WCO) ) is an international organization based in Brussels ( Belgium ) that specializes in simplifying customs formalities between international trading partners.

The World Customs Organization was founded on January 26, 1953 under the name "Brussels Customs Council". 179 national customs administrations are currently members of the WCO. In addition to the primary pursuit of harmonizing international trade , the WCO has set itself the goal of combating cross-border crime .

The World Customs Organization works with the European Union , the United Nations and Interpol , among others .

Its current general secretary is the Japanese Kunio Mikuriya .

World Customs Day is celebrated on January 26th of each year as the organization's own day of action.

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