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Advertise & Sell
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description Trade journal for the communication and media industry
language German
publishing company Publishers Advertise & Sell ( Germany )
Headquarters Munich
First edition April 4th 1963
Frequency of publication 15 times a year
Sold edition 18,787 copies
( IVW  Q1 / 2020)
Widespread edition 20,266 copies
( IVW  Q1 / 2020)
Editor-in-chief Holger Schellkopf
executive Director Karl Ulrich
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Werben & Sell (abbreviated W&V ) is a trade journal for the communications and media industry that is published by Werben & Sell . This in turn belongs to the Süddeutscher Verlag . Its circulation was 18,787 copies in the first quarter of 2020, a decrease of 41.9 percent since the first quarter of 1998.


The magazine was first published on April 4, 1963, at that time still in the Europa Fachpresse Verlag . The initial print run was 6,300 copies. The target group are marketing and advertising professionals from agencies, media and advertising companies.

The publisher has been organizing the German Media Prize since 1999 . This award was brought to life by the W&V sister magazine media & marketing , which was incorporated into W&V in 2009.

The publishing house has bundled a large part of its products under the umbrella brand W&V since 2009. The media & marketing magazine was renamed to W&V Media , and W&V Praxis and special issues appear regularly under the name. In addition, the publisher maintains the classifieds markets W&V Wer Wo Was , W&V Markt and W&V Spots . With the job network , a network for job offers is operated.

In January 2013, the day of publication of Werben & Sell was swapped with that of the Kontakter publication , which is also published by Weben & Sell. The magazine, which up to now appeared on Wednesdays, then always appeared weekly on Mondays.

Since January 2019, the magazine is no longer published weekly, but 15 times a year.


The web portal W&V Online (, which has existed since March 3, 1997, is one of the specialist portals with the highest reach in the communications and media industry , with an average of 1.8 million unique visits per month . The online services also include the W&V iPad and iPhone app, the Facebook fan page, a Twitter channel, the newsletter and "W&V Research" with a search engine for case studies and campaigns .

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