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Werner Thal (* 1948 in Eppstein ) is a German screenwriter . He is married to the actress Corinna Beilharz and has two children with her. He lives in Munich .


He became known in 1981 through the television film Taunusrausch . Numerous other films followed.

Werner Thal wrote the script for Engelchen flieg and The Shine of the Stars , directed by Adolf Winkelmann . Both feature films address the life of a family with a handicapped child and thus deal with the life situation of Corinna Beilharz and Werner Thal in a fictional format. Werner Thal's wife, the actress Corinna Beilharz plays Hanna Koller. The real children of the two, the physically handicapped Marlene Beilharz and her brother Moritz Beilharz play the film children. The family was nominated for the Grimme Prize for Engelchen flieg .

He writes scripts in collaboration with Max Zihlmann .

Werner Thal received the ver.di film award in 2008 for the screenplay for the film The Shine of the Stars

In 2018, he processed his experiences from the 1968s in the article "The Hofheim Children's Crusade for the Goethe-Institut Japan.


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