List of Gothic brick structures in Finland

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Places in Finland with Gothic brick buildings, or mostly field stone buildings with elements of brick Gothic
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This list of Gothic Brick Buildings in Finland is part of the Gothic Brick Buildings List . These structures are listed as completely as possible, in all corresponding countries in Europe. The only buildings included are those on which the brick appears somewhere or, in the case of muddy surfaces, at least the brick structure of the masonry is recognizable.

Historical-cultural framework:
Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden in the Gothic period . A considerable number of Gothic churches with elements of brick Gothic can be found in communities with a significant or even predominantly Swedish-speaking population . This is also taken into account in the names.

This list contains 35 entries of structures.

Usage instructions:

  • Typeface / font styles: Where buildings in several places (districts) of a municipality are listed in succession, the municipality name for the first named place / district was set in bold. The names of districts grouped in this way are in italics.
  • For some buildings there is a link to the associated picture collection in Wikimedia Commons under “ (CC) ” .
place Building construction time Remarks photo
Akaa Akaa sacristy (CC) 1510 Eastern triangular pediment decorated and made of brick
Akaa stone sacristy 3 AB.jpg
Espoo Dom 1480s J. Top of the west pediment made of brick with blinds
Espoo Cathedral.jpg
Hämeenlinna Häme Castle 1300-1450
Hauho , to Hämeenlinna Village church (CC) Early 16th century Brick gables; Entrance porch 18th century, neo-Gothic tower
Hauho church 1 AB.jpg
Lammi , to Hämeenlinna Lammin kirkko (CC) around 1500 Brick top and window of the east pediment
Lammi Church.JPG
Vanaja , to Hämeenlinna Vanajan kirkko (CC) around 1500 Top of the west pediment brick with blinds
Vanajan kirkko panoramio.jpg
Hattula Holy Cross Church
Hattula church of the Holy Cross 20050909.jpg
Hollola Hollolan Kirkko (CC) around 1500 Field stone church with several brick gables
Hollola Church.jpg
Lauttakylä, to Huittinen Huittists kirkko / Vittis kyrka (CC) 15th century brick Core from 1340; Triangle of the east gable. Brick gable
Huittinen church Jun2012 005.jpg
Isokyrö (SV: Storkyro) Isonkyrön vanha Kirkko / S: t Lars kyrka (CC) 1513-1533 Brick west portal
Isokyrö old church 08.JPG
Janakkala Janakkalan kirkko (CC) probably consecrated in 1520
Karis (FI: Karjaa), to Raseborg Karjaan kirkko / S: ta Katarina Kyrka (CC) 1470 Brick west portal
Karjaa keskiaikainen kivikirkko, west.JPG
Kimitoön / S: t Andreas Kyrka (CC) 1469 Pillars (but not the vaults) of the hall church made of brick; older predecessor
Kimito church, inside, to the altar.jpg
Korpo , to Pargas Corppoon kirkko (CC)
Blinds on the tower and some brick windows Korppoon kirkon keskiaikainen torni.jpg Korpo kyrka, June 28, 2007, image 65.jpg
Laitila Laitilan kirkko / Letala Kyrka (St. Michael) (CC) 1463-1480 Top of the east gable with brick panels
Laitila church 3 AB.jpg
Lohja Church of Lohja (St. Laurentius) End of 15th century West gable with facings made of brick; Hall church
Lohjan Pyhän Laurin kirkko maaliskuussa 2007.jpg
Masku Maskun Kirkko (CC) around 1500 Upper parts of both gable triangles are brick-dazzle gables
Masku church 1 AB.jpg
Naantali Naantali Church late 15th century originally Brigittenkloster; Gable triangle and other parts of the east gable made of brick
Naantali - Church 01.JPG
Nagu , to Pargas Nauvo Kirkko (CC) 1440s Brick pillars of the hall church and panels on the east gable
Nauvo church.jpg
Pernå , to Loviisa Pernå Church Triangles of the west pediment and the entrance porch made of brick with panels
Perna StMich1.JPG
Perniö (Bjärnå), to Salo (like Halikko) Bjärnå Kyrka (St. Lars) (CC) 1460-1480 upper parts of the gables with brick panels
Perniön kirkko, länsipääty west gable 0288-1.jpg
Pälkäne Church ruins (CC) Gable triangles, portal and window frames made of brick
Porvoo Dom from 1410 both gable triangles as a screen gable made of brick, beneath which a plastered stone structure; repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt
Porvoon Tuomiokirkko.jpg
Rusko Ruskon kirkko (CC) 1510-1530 Brick top of the east pediment
Rusko church 3 AB.jpg
Rymättylä , to Naantali Rymättylän kirkko (CC) 15th century – 1510 vaulted pillars inside, outside tip of the west pediment made of brick with panels
Rymättylä Church interior.jpg
Sauvo Pig by kirkko (CC) 1460-1472 Top of the east pediment made of brick with panels
Sauvon kirkko, 2011, East 1.jpg
Sipoo (Sibbo) Pyhan Sigfridin kirkko (CC) 1450s J. Top of the west pediment made of brick with blinds
Sibbo gamla kyrka2.JPG
Tyrvää (Tyrvis), to Sastamala Pyhan Olavin kirkko / Sankt Olofs Kyrka (CC) 1506-1516
Tyrvään Pyhän Olavin kirkko.jpg
Ulvila (Ulvsby) Ulvilan kirkko (P. Olavi) (CC) at least 2 gable triangles made of brick with panels
Pyhan Olavin kirkko-2.JPG
Sysmä Sysmän kirkko / Sysmä kyrka (CC) 1520 Rebuilt 1830–1834, but the east and west gables (with brick) are probably original
Sysmä church.jpg
Sääksmäki, to Valkeakoski (CC) 1480-1510 The tips of the east and west gables are made from brick
Sääksmäki Church - panoramio.jpg
Taivassalo Taivassalon kirkko (CC) 1425-1440 The pillar of the hall church and the upper triangular gable made of brick
Taivassalon kirkko.jpg
Turku Dom
Turku cathedral 26-Dec-2004.jpg
Marienkirche (CC) 1440s J. West gable of the field stone church made of brick with panels
Maarian kirkko lounaasta, 2009.JPG
Urjala Sacristy (Urjalan sakaristo) (CC) 1520-1540 staggered brick window J.
Urjala stone sacristy 1 AB.jpg

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  • Marianne Mehling (Ed.): Knaur's cultural guide in color: Finland . Munich 1988, ISBN 3-426-26248-7 .

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