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Wiener Bankverein, Vienna headquarters in Herrengasse with counter hall, 1893
Former main building in Schottengasse
Share for 400 kroner from the Wiener Bank-Verein from January 10, 1905

The Wiener Bankverein was a major Viennese bank founded in 1869 under the Danube Monarchy . He was in the context of the bank cleanup of the Great Depression in 1934 with the Creditanstalt merged.

Among the 14 banks operating in Vienna in 1888 , the Bankverein took fourth place in terms of capitalization after the Austro-Hungarian Bank , which was active as a central bank , the Österreichische Länderbank and the Creditanstalt.

The bank association was active in the founding business and was considered to be dominant in the financing of the iron industry in the Hungarian half of the empire . At the turn of the century, he was particularly keen to attract the savings of private customers. In the overcrowded banking landscape of the interwar period, the bank association was also ailing. However, it remained so important that the merger in 1934 led to the double name Creditanstalt-Bankverein, which had been used for decades. The monumental corporate headquarters of the bank association at the corner of Schottenring / Schottengasse , built between 1909 and 1912, became the main building of the CA. It was planned and built by the architects Ernst Gotthilf and Alexander Neumann .

Individual evidence

  1. Cf. Meyers Konversationslexikon, 4th edition, 16th volume, keyword Vienna: “In 1888 there were a total of 14 banks in W. with paid-in share capital of 273 million guilders. The most important of these are: the kk privileged Austro-Hungarian Bank (founded in 1816, until 1878 under the company Österreichische Nationalbank, with the exclusive rights to issue banknotes, share capital 90 million Guld.), The Österreichische Länderbank (founded in 1880, capital 46 , 8 million), the Österreichische Kreditanstalt für Handel und Gewerbe (founded in 1855, capital 40 million), the Wiener Bankverein (founded in 1869, 25 million), the Anglo-Austrian bank (founded in 1863, 18 million), the Unionbank (founded in 1870, 12 million), the Lower Austrian Eskomptegesellschaft (founded in 1853, 9.8 million), the Allgemeine Bodenkreditanstalt (founded in 1864, 9.6 million Guld.) "


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