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Wilhelm August Wohlbrück (* 1795 in Hanover ; † July 28, 1848 in Riga ) was a German actor and librettist .


Wilhelm August Wohlbrück was (after Gustav Friedrich) the second son of the actor Johann Gottfried Wohlbrück . In 1826/27 Wilhelm August Wohlbrück was engaged in Magdeburg, later also in Riga, where he died of cholera .


Wohlbrück wrote four libretti for operas by his brother-in-law Heinrich Marschner :

The libretto for The Vampire is based on the play The Vampire or the Dead Bride by Heinrich Ludwig Ritter (1822) and on the melodrama The Vampire by James Planché , both of which are adaptations of the short story The Vampire by John Polidori . The Templar and the Jewess goes back to Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe . In the Bäbu he processed the epistle novel Journal of a Voyage from Calcutta to Van Diemen's Land by Augustus Prinsep , which his widow Elizabeth published.

While Der Vampyr and Der Templer und die Jüdin celebrated worldwide successes in the 19th century, the two other Marschner operas as well as Heinrich Dorn's opera Der Schöffe von Paris (Riga 1838) were not well received.


The 1992 television miniseries The Vampyr: A Soap Opera by the BBC is based on the opera Der Vampyr .


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Notes and individual references

  1. Sources claiming he died in Alexandria , Egypt , in 1861, are wrong. This death is about his youngest brother Ludwig August (1796–1861) (according to geneal overview by Kurt Loup at Eike Pies there was another son after Ludwig August: Friedrich Eduard, born 1808). Wilhelm August was often confused with Ludwig August, who worked as an actor (comedian) in Breslau from 1824 . In 1829 he moved to the Stadttheater Leipzig as an "intriguer" and character actor , the date of his death in 1861 has been passed down.
  2. Gustav Friedrich (1793–1849) worked primarily in Königsberg and Danzig, but made a guest appearance in Breslau in 1826 alongside his brother, the comedian Ludwig August.
  3. Eike Pies , Principals - for Genealogy d. German-speaking professional theater from the 17th to 19th centuries , A. Henn Verlag Düsseldorf, 1973, ISBN 3-450-01061-1 , 9783450010614, p. 389 genealogical overview (based on Kurt Loup)
  4. A death report appeared in the Leipziger Allgemeine Musikische Zeitung (No. 39, 1848). Moritz Rudolph (ed.): Rigaer Theater und Tonkünstler Lexikon , (Riga 1890), gives an exact date : After that he died there on the night of July 15th to July 16th; in the Gregorian calendar this is July 28th 1848.
  5. Marschner was the third marriage to the singer Marianne, b. Wohlbrück (born January 6, 1804, † February 7, 1854) married, a sister of Wilhelm August Wohlbrück.
  6. See The Vampyr: A Soap Opera on Wikipedia.