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Eike Pies

Eike Pies (born March 22, 1942 in Duisburg - Hamborn ; pseudonyms: Wilhelm van der Horst , John F. Mortimer , Jules Silver , Jean-Baptiste Delacour ) is a German theater scholar, historian, journalist, writer, publisher, corporate consultant for public relations, Museum donor and association founder.


Eike Pies studied medicine, theater studies, philosophy, history, German and art history at the University of Cologne , where he received his doctorate in 1969 with a thesis on the history of theater.

From 1969 to 1971 he was the feature editor of the daily newspaper Westdeutsche Rundschau in Wuppertal, lecturer for dramaturgy at the drama school in Cologne and for theater criticism at the adult education center in Wuppertal.

From 1971 to 1973 he was press manager of the ECON publishing group with the publishers Econ (Düsseldorf-Vienna), Claassen (Hamburg-Düsseldorf) and Marion von Schröder (Hamburg-Düsseldorf) and from 1973 to 1974 publishing director of the HENN publishing group with the Henn- Verlag (Ratingen-Düsseldorf-Kastellaun), the university and school book publisher (Saarbrücken-Düsseldorf) and the vms Verlag modern non-fiction book (Düsseldorf), which he founded in 1973 .

In Wuppertal, Düsseldorf and Sprockhövel he founded the company publishing house Dr. Eike Pies and orb-Verlag (1975), Commed - Kommunikation- und Medienbüro GbR , the interma-orb Verlagsgruppe GmbH and Vera Futura, Society for interdisciplinary prognostics GbR (1977), the Dr. Pies with the companies Philosophische Praxis Dr. Pies and Verlag Dr. Eike Pies (1989), point systems Dr. Pies & Partner, Consulting GmbH (1992) - BZP Company Medical Center Dr. Pies GmbH for occupational medicine and occupational safety (1994) and druck & buch GbR (2000).


In 1986 Eike Pies founded the non-profit registered association Family Foundation Pies Archive, Research Center Vorderhunsrück in Dommershausen / Hunsrück, was chairman of the association and the foundation of the same name until March 2014, which in Dommershausen has been a museum with archive and library for personal, regional and medical history and is today honorary chairman and honorary member.

In 1981, based on evidence, he proposed the thesis that the French philosopher René Descartes had been poisoned at the Swedish court in Stockholm in 1650, about which he wrote a screenplay for a television documentary and several publications. The mathematician Thomas Sonar agrees with the version of the murder thesis improved by Theodor Ebert in 2009 , but describes Pies' argument as "too thin". In contrast, u. a. the Düsseldorf medical historian Hans Schadewaldt and the Prague philosopher Vilem Marvan the outstanding achievement of Eike Pies, because he was the first scientist to recognize the symptoms of Descartes as a result of arsenic poisoning and was also the first to name Descartes murderer. Ebert himself dedicates a copy of his book "Eike Pies, without whom this book would not exist".

Eike Pies has published over 100 books on medical and cultural history, genealogy and heraldry , wrote scripts for films and television documentaries and is the editor of scientific book series. For his cultural and historical work he was u. a. 1993 awarded the Order of Merit of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate .

Fonts (selection)

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  • Calculation of time, dimensions and weights , Dommershausen-Sprockhövel 2013
  • Archives & libraries, museums and associations on local and family history in the Rhein-Hunsrück district , Dommershausen-Sprockhövel 2013
  • The medical system , Dommershausen-Sprockhövel 2013


  • 1975: The painter Karl Hermann Ueberholz: Constructive variations , script and direction, studio film Wuppertal
  • 1976: The eraser Ismail Coban: For example or an oriental anti-fairy tale , script and direction, studio film Wuppertal
  • 1976: Buy with strategy , script and direction, industrial film Düsseldorf-Wuppertal
  • 1980: Paper of format , script and direction, industrial film Düsseldorf-Wuppertal
  • 1984: The Descartes murder case , screenplay, WDR television documentary Cologne
  • 1985: Dicom-Electronics in the hospital , screenplay and direction, industrial film Duisburg
  • 1995: Die kleine Immortlichkeit - ancestral research adventure , script and direction, WDR television documentary for ARD, Cologne


  • Series of publications of the family foundation Pies-Archiv, Forschungszentrum Vorderhunsrück eV (book series Dommershausen-Sprockhövel since 1989)
  • Family chronicles (Dommershausen-Sprockhövel book series since 1993)
  • Contemporary witnesses (Dommershausen-Sprockhövel book series since 1995)
  • Interdisciplinary Science Forum (Dommershausen-Sprockhövel book series since 2000)
  • Kastellaun in history (book series Kastellaun-Dommershausen-Sprockhövel since 2000)
  • Library for genealogists (Solingen-Wuppertal book series since 1997)
  • Sources for family research (Solingen-Wuppertal book series since 2001)
  • Illustrated history of old professions (Solingen-Wuppertal series since 2002)
  • Our Hunsrück (series of publications on CD-ROM, 13 titles so far, Dommershausen-Sprockhövel 2013)


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  • Clarissas Krambude - authors talk about their pseudonyms , Neckenmarkt 2011

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