Wilhelm von Hessen-Philippsthal-Barchfeld (1831–1890)

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Wilhelm of Hessen-Philippsthal-Barchfeld

Prince Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst von Hessen-Philippsthal-Barchfeld (born October 3, 1831 in Burgsteinfurt , † January 17, 1890 in Rotenburg an der Fulda ) from the House of Hesse was a rear admiral of the Prussian and Imperial Navy .


SMS Amazone

Wilhelm was a son of the paraged Landgrave Karl von Hessen-Philippsthal-Barchfeld (1784–1854) and his second wife Sophie (1794–1873), daughter of Prince Ludwig Wilhelm Geldricus Ernst zu Bentheim and Steinfurt .

Service in the Navy

Wilhelm joined the Prussian Navy and was promoted to Lieutenant First Class on January 29, 1854 . In the summer of 1854 he was in command of the corvette Amazone . On October 15, 1854 he was promoted to corvette captain. In the winter of 1855/56 he was director of the 2nd department of the Admiralty . At the same time he was in command of the steam corvette Danzig , which he held until November 1856. With this ship he took part in an expedition led by Prince and Admiral Adalbert from Prussia to Africa. In the course of the trip he got into a conflict with the admiral about a punitive measure against the Rifkabylen . Adalbert put Wilhelm on leave for about a month until after the battle of Tres Forcas on August 7, 1856. After returning home, Wilhelm took leave of absence from November 1856 to April 1859. During this time he was promoted to sea captain on October 24, 1857 .

SMS Thetis

After his return to active service, he took command of the frigate Thetis from May to September 1859 . In April 1860 he was put up for disposal and on March 22, 1864 he was given the character of Rear Admiral.

For the duration of the Franco-German War Wilhelm von Hessen-Philippsthal-Barchfeld was assigned to the Governor General of the Coastal Lands, General of the Infantry Eduard Vogel von Falckenstein . He sent him on the armed steamer St. Georg to negotiate with the commander of the French North Sea forces , Vice Admiral Martin Fourichon , to inform him that bombardments on the German coast could lead to reprisals in occupied France. Due to the course of the war, the French blockade in the North Sea was lifted after a short period.

On May 30, 1872, Wilhelm was appointed Rear Admiral à la suite of the Imperial Navy.


Wilhelm was married four times:

⚭ 1. 1857 morganatic (cut. 1872) Princess Maria von Hanau (1839–1917)
⚭ 2. 1873 Princess Juliane zu Bentheim and Steinfurt (1842–1878)
⚭ 3. 1879 Princess Adelheid of Bentheim and Steinfurt (1840–1880)
⚭ 4. 1884 Princess Auguste of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1844–1932)


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