Willibald Wolfsteiner

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Willibald Wolfsteiner OSB (born August 8, 1855 in Munich as Franz Xaver Wolfsteiner ; † April 24, 1942 in Ettal ) was a Benedictine and first abbot of the Ettal monastery, which was re-established in 1900 .

Originally Wolfsteiner profession - monk of the Benedictine Abbey of Beuron , was then in the Abbey Emaus active in Prague including as novice master and then went to the Austrian Abbey Seckau , where he the office of Priors knew. In 1900 a number of monks from Scheyern , including the historian Father Stephan Kainz OSB, moved to Ettal to revive the tradition of the monastery founded in 1330. In 1903 Father Willibald Wolfsteiner from Seckau was called to Ettal to initially lead the community there as prior. In 1907 Ettal was elevated to an abbey again and Willibald Wolfsteiner was elected the first abbot of the new monastery. He headed the shepherd's staff until 1933, when he handed over the abbot to his successor, Angelus Kupfer . Willibald Wolfsteiner died in Ettal in 1942.

Abbot Willibald Wolfsteiner wished for his grave that it would not be “too far from the faithful image of the honored donor woman”. The convent took this wish into account and welcomed the man so valuable for the revival of the Ettal monastery in the basilica between the family altar and the altar of St. Benedict buried. The beautiful words on the grave slab are from Prof. Georgii:

the 33rd Abbot of Ettal, the 1st of the newly established
monastery, awaits the resurrection . An image of kindness, humility and wise moderation
, devoted to our dear wife and founder, a
loyal guardian of the pious religious spirit. Born in Munich
on August 8, 1855. Died on April 24, 1942.
He led the shepherd's staff for 26 years.

predecessor Office successor
Alphons Hafner Abbot of Ettal Abbey
Angelus copper